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The death bell gets louder as I regain consciousness,
Memories begin to fill my head,
Stabbed into me were countless knives,
Is this the true... After Life?


Clanging of chains laid out a doubt,
Deprived of freedom, caged was my mouth,
Into a vat of blood I was forced to dive,
Reminds me of nothing, but The After Life


Wolves tore apart my body,
All I could feel was the demon's glory,
Thousands of humans it desired to slay,
Can After Life be the.... Only way?


The sacred ashes that remain,
Was just a glimpse of their depressing pain,
Slowly fades away the darkest night,
Reflecting upon After Life as the only sight


Phase 1

After Life Genesis

300 After Life Genesis NFTs. A premium 3D art collection, with individually 3D rendered NFTs (different traits actually affect lighting/reflections on other traits). Collection also includes 1/1 rares with select guest artists. (See #artist-collabs).

Phase 2 Benefits

Each Genesis NFT will grant automatic WL to the Phase 2 ‘Immortals’ collection. Additionally anyone who mints 2 Genesis will be able to mint 1 free Immortal.

Immortality Antigen

Genesis holders will be airdropped an Immortality Antigen. You will be able to inject an antigen into an Immortal for… unpredictable and rare consequences. Will you be cursed or divine?

Partner Artist 1/1 Raffles

After Life will commission or purchase 1/1 art NFTs from our partner artists, and these will be raffled amongst Genesis holders.

Exclusive WL Giveaways

After Genesis launch, WL giveaways will be made available to everyone, but most WL spots will be exclusive for Genesis holders.


Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the owner of a Genesis NFT.

Future Utility

Genesis will maintain a central position in the evolving After Life ecosystem, and bring future utility & benefits.

Phase 2

After Life Immortals

The After Life “main” collection, Immortals, will launch. Supply is TBD but significantly bigger than Genesis. Immortals will be a truly unique NFT collection that will evolve over time. NFTs on the blockchain are forever immortalized, but our Immortals will prove that endless does not mean never-changing. With time comes wisdom, and growth.

After Life Token

Token will be launched and generated for holding both Genesis and Immortals. Genesis will generate more than Immortals. Token will play a critical role in our ecosystem (see next bullet).

Immortals Evolution Begins

The After Life token will be required for your Immortals to evolve, at times alongside tokens of other select NFT projects we partner with. After all, as Immortals traverse the metaverse they meet other beings, acquiring, or perhaps consuming, new features. An Immortality Antigen will play an even more… dramatic role in evolving Immortals.


Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the owner of an Immortal NFT.

Partnerships & More…

We have many other plans, but we also realize this space moves quickly so we don't want to disclose more than the above in case we need to adapt or evolve along the way. Part of this includes deep partnerships with other projects, tying our ecosystem together with others', and creating more utilities for our tokens.


Chief Operations Manager
Chief Advisor
General Manager
Marketing and Partnerships Head


What is After Life?

After Life is a 3D NFT project, on the Ethereum blockchain, revolving around dark themes of the afterlife, souls, death, horror, revenge etc. We seek to explore, artistically and as a community, the complex and thought provoking questions about what happens to us after life ends.

What is special about After Life art?

After Life 3D NFTs are individually rendered, so that different traits actually affect lighting/reflections on other traits. For example, a gold piercing that casts golden light on the head, or a background with a reddened tint from red skin color.

When is the Launch

We will launch our Genesis collection on the first week of May. We will announce the exact day soon.

What is the supply?

The After Life Genesis collection will be 300 NFTs. 50 NFTs will be held by the After Life community wallet for marketing & giveaways. Any 1/1s the community wallet mints will be raffled to pre-sale minters or auctioned.

Why should I mint a Genesis?

The Genesis collection will mark the beginning of the AfterLife ecosystem. Genesis is going to hold the most value, from yielding more tokens comparatively, to providing exclusive benefits in our future ventures. We as a team strongly believe in under-promising and over delivering, but we also understand we need to show a vision for the future. Please see our #roadmap for full details on what we’ve revealed thus far, with much more coming.